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With much regret we closed down our retail shop on Sat 17th March 2007

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Horsham's Oldest Second-hand Emporium

House contents or individual items sold on your behalf

Don't dump rubbish
it pays to pass it on !!

Have you sorted your attic recently, or cleared out your cupboards. You may be surprised by what lurks in such corners! Many times we have been invited to sort out and sell for our customers. On so many occasions we come across old, dilapidated bits and pieces, which can fetch many pounds, whereas the obvious articles that look special, can be disappointing. So never dump the old and unknown as it could have a lot of value. When a friends father died the friend sold all the "valuable" items through a large auction house and gave us some boxes of "rubbish".   We were thrilled when we discovered amongst the "rubbish" a severely damaged Staffordshire Flatback, which, because a famous potter made it, sold for 2,700.  So whenever you feel in  a  spring-cleaning mood, the staff at Pass It On in East Street will be pleased to help you turn those unwanted items in your life into CASH

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