Band Members …


Anne Hunt – Anne is truly dedicated to our band, travelling a two hour+ round trip for each practice. She is a mine of information and comes out with interesting facts and figures that most of us would forget in an instant. When not playing music she can be found in her green wellies tending to the gardens of East Sussex or painting a local landscape.
Dereck Prentis – Dereck’s love of the accordion is evident in his enthusiastic playing which drives the rest of us on. As the Treasurer, he keeps our spending under control so that we don’t have to ask too much for our services. Outside the band he can be found on various modes of transport including classic motorbikes, canal boats and pushbikes.
Diana Spadaccini – Diana is unique in our band in playing a button accordion and usually plays a ‘fourth’ accompaniment. Diana and her Italian husband are regular faces on the accordion circuit and can be found at many accordion clubs, festivals and competitions.
John Adams – our most youthful member of the band. John is a highly talented accordionist whose fingers can often be seen flying up and down the keyboard when he plays solo spots or difficult harmonies during our performances. It is truly inspiring to watch. We are sure he has a great musical future ahead of him.
Kevin Rowley – As our keyboard player Kevin attempts to keep the band in time and provides the ‘backbone’ of the band. As a keen accordionist since joining at the age of 13 he is particularly keen to recruit another keyboard player so he can get back to playing the accordion again – any offers?
Mags Fisher – Fulfilling many roles within the band, Mags is a superwoman who manages to get 25 hours work into each day. She is our Musical Director, Secretary and Librarian and can often be found arranging music or producing order lists during the early hours, as can be verified by the emails we receive in the middle of the night?
Friends of the Band....
Barbara Farley – Barbara was our longest serving band member, having been involved right from the band’s creation in 1987. Always willing to get the kettle on for us, she also fed us with delicious home made cakes. Barbara had to stand down from playing due to ill health, but still supports us from the side lines and shares local events as a friend of the band whenever possible.
Ann & Bob Brand – they travelled some distance to be with us whenever possible – through floods, snow and fog! They were both keen dancers and were so generous and helpful with advice on tempos and seemingly never-ending repeats as we prepared to play for local folk dances. With great sadness Bob passed away in 2010 and the distance between us is too great for Ann to continue her membership. We miss them very much.


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