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Commission Charges

Please bring in any items you wish to sell (either one or several boxes).  If you wish us to clear a house, we can visit and discuss the situation with you.
We will agree the selling price with you, or value on your behalf and you will receive the following:-

Selling at :   
3 - 5 Customer receives 20%
12 - 60 Customer receives 35%
  65 - 120 Customer receives 45%
125 up    Customer receives 55%

When a quantity of items are left for us to sort and sell, we will donate any which we cannot accept for sale to a charity shop and dispose of any which are not of a suitable standard.

Should you leave a quantity  of bric-a-brac and we have a waiting list, your articles will go in the "queue" and we will inform you of dates when they go on the shop floor.  If you have large items of furniture, please let us know and we will accept them when we have the space.

Unsold articles which you wish to reclaim should be collected at one calendar month - the reclaim date is printed on your receipt (if the reclaim date is a day when we are closed the reclaim date is extended to our next business day).  At our discretion we are willing to resubmit some  higher priced items at a lower price for a further calendar month.  However, normal procedure is that all uncollected items are donated to charity immediately after the reclaim date.

Articles withdrawn before 21 days on the shop floor are subject to a handling charge of 10% of the selling price.  Payment can be normally be given on sold articles the day after their sale.  Please contact us to find out if your items have sold.

Items preferably accepted between 10am - 4pm
Collection for quantity.  Delivery available
Ask for details

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9.30-4.30      Sat 9.30-5      Closed Bank Holidays

House contents or individual items sold on your behalf


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